Hot Scheming Mess

Hot Scheming Mess

In this fast-paced mystery, out-of-work actress Madison Cruz runs an obstacle course of singing telegrams and spies as she tries to connect with her FBI mother, yet hide evidence for her grandfather. Hunky wrestlers and crazy zombie fans aren’t helping even though they really, really, try to! As the mystery heats up, so does her attraction to a couple of sexy guys who are vying for her affections. With two to choose from you’d think Madison could have double the fun. But she can’t think about that right now, because the enemy is right behind her.

I loved this book! As a fan of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books, I had a feeling I’d like this book, which was reminiscent of hers! I have a feeling that Stephanie and Madison would make a dynamic duo! I had many laugh out loud moments while reading and just enjoyed the book overall. I can’t wait for the next installment!

— Hall

Unique and fun from beginning to end, I had a hard time putting this one down. Lighthearted and witty. The author did a great job moving the story along.

— Payne (Elk Grove, CA, USA)

Absolutely wonderful book! The characters are a riot and the twists and turns in the plot keeps you guessing to the end. Great job Lucy Carol! Looking forward to more fun and suspense!

— Grtgram

This book was a fun read. Don’t let the title fool you, even though the character finds herself in a hot mess, the book is nothing of the sort. It’s got a captivating main character and funny secondary characters to keep readers turning pages. The twists and turns in the book are not your ordinary plot devices either. This book reminds me of Stephanie Bond’s books on Red Bull.

— Brandon (Georgia)

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