Kill the Crazy

Kill the Crazy

In a tranquil spa for the wealthy, candlelit massages, waterfall pools, and flowing wine should add up to the ultimate relaxing day. But Madison Cruz soon finds hidden agendas and danger. A catacomb of hallways and a tangled web of motives hints at madness beneath the sophisticated veneer of the spa. Meanwhile, Madison’s FBI mother and KGB grandmother are still learning how to get along after trying to outshoot each other. As if that weren’t enough, now Jason’s evil ex-girlfriend thinks Madison stole her man, and the wine is flying! Hiding out in the supply room isn’t helping — not with Jason trying to help himself to Madison’s charms. As much as she’d like to return his attentions, she’d better stay alert to the danger just outside their door. Things are about to go from dangerous… to deadly.

The second in the Madison Cruz series and this one is just as much fun as the first. Ms. Carol has a seriously twisted sense of humor. A trait that I find I like in an author and has created a light fun entertaining heroine who finds herself in improbable but funny situations…Bottom line is you need to try this series.

— Doc

This fast read still takes time to introduce you to the characters before plunging into action. Catch the first book “Hot Scheming Mess” and laugh yourself silly. Great reads!

— Garnet

After finishing book 1, I quickly downloaded this book and read it in one day! This is a terrific series!

— Dianne

Another winner by Lucy Carol. She has a quirky and sarcastic sense of humor that I just love. She has a way of bringing her characters to life while making you laugh out loud. I loved her first book and this is a great second book in the series.

— Lq

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